Trending Backsplashes To Renew Your Kitchen

beautiful backsplash

Your kitchen is an essential room in your home.

As the heart of your house, the kitchen receives some of the most foot traffic, and as one of the most highly trafficked rooms, it should be a space that is both inviting and beautiful. (Not to mention, the kitchen is the room that most directly affects the selling price of your home!)

If you find that your kitchen needs a refresh, one of the best ways to enhance and add personality to your kitchen without breaking the bank is by adding in a backsplash.

To guide you through transforming your kitchen into one that you love, we are sharing seven trending backsplash ideas that will infuse style into your kitchen and bring new life to your home.

Let these trending backsplashes inspire you to give your kitchen the transformation it is waiting for!


Marble is a popular and classic backsplash option that withstands the test of time and lends itself to various styles. Whether it’s bold or understated, marble can instantly elevate the look of your kitchen, providing a more sophisticated and glamorous look. 

While marble can be on the pricier end, it is worth the price for this iconic stone due to the added value it brings to your kitchen.

Vibrant Color

Our homes are meant to embrace our unique, personal style. With bold colors making their way back into popularity, a pop of vibrant color for your backsplash may be one of the best ways to reflect your lively personality.

After years of neutral and subdued colors dominating the scene, vibrant color is experiencing a resurgence in design. The younger generations seek out having a one-of-a-kind space that speaks for itself. (For those of you who enjoy neutrals, no worries, neutrals never go out of style!)

Textured and Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are having their moment and are a style of tile to watch with the fantastic texture they add to a room. This glazed look not only brings some gloss for added interest but also is purposeful in making the tiles impervious to water and stains, making it an excellent option for your kitchen! 

Whether you decide on a rich white or jewel-toned color for personality, these tiles are trending for a reason and can bring great dimension and interest to your kitchen.

Hexagon Tile

Hexagon tile is a smart option for those seeking something other than traditional square or rectangular tiles. Geometric shapes in classic colors are timeless and can create different effects based on the variation you choose. 

For example, small white or cream hexagon tiles paired with light grout create a more classic and delicate look, while darker grout creates a more vintage style.


Herringbone has become a trendy option for kitchen backsplashes, mainly through the modern farmhouse movement. However, herringbone is versatile, lending itself to many different styles depending on the specific tile you choose for this engaging pattern.

The herringbone pattern combines beautiful texture with visual interest, creating a subtle but distinguished and homey atmosphere for your kitchen. 


Moroccan tiles are known to make a solid and stylish statement in any kitchen. With their beautiful colors and intricate patterns, they beckon the eye’s attention and serve as the statement piece for your cooking space.

Whether your style is traditional or eclectic, the right Moroccan tile can bring your kitchen the artful flair it deserves.

Taking Tile To the Ceiling

Whichever tile style and color(s) you choose, take your backsplash to the next level and take it up to the ceiling. While some people choose to stop at the kitchen cabinets, taking your backsplash up to the top can add to the luxuriousness of your kitchen and make the room feel and look taller by drawing your eye up the wall.

If your cabinets go all the way up, consider this technique as an opportunity to add height to your kitchen.

While everyone can debate which backsplash trend is their favorite, there is a clear consensus that quality craftsmanship should be a top focus when deciding to add a backsplash!