Decorative Pattern Tile to Compliment Your Home

decorative tile

Decorative pattern tile is an emerging trend, bringing personality to the home. With numerous colors, and elaborate patterns and designs, these decorative tiles appear in various home styles and places throughout the house to bring these areas to life!

You can tile statement walls, backsplashes, or eye-catching floors with decorative tiles, adding visual interest through bold creativity. Unlike a patterned layout such as herringbone or a subway tile configuration, this blog will explore beautiful ways to use decorative tiles to do the heavy lifting of the design.

If you’re ready to join the decorative tile trend and provide your home with a pop of personality, here are some ideas to serve as inspiration:

Bold Colors

Consider a more traditionally shaped tile if you want to add decorative tile but aren’t looking for something too solid or intricate. Then bring in individuality through a bold color that is not commonly used, such as emerald green or terracotta orange. This is a great way to create a lively and unique space with tile!

Elaborate Patterns

On the flip side, you can also choose a decorative tile in a more elaborate pattern but opt for neutral colors for a traditional home style. We enjoy all-white kitchens as much as Instagram, and this white canvas is an excellent opportunity to bring depth through patterned decorative tiles that will complement the room. This will get a lot of visual interest to the room without dominating the space. This implementation always looks beautiful in kitchen backsplashes, kitchen floors, or bathroom floors!

Traditional Mixed With Decorative

Another way to utilize the decorative tile in your home is by “chunking” your decorative tile by surrounding it with more traditional tile. This can lessen the impact of the decorative tile. For example, bring in some pattern through decorative tiles in a strip behind the stove, but choose the rest of the backsplash to be a more traditional tile. This is a great way to bring in a subtle splash of creativity without competing with the room’s other features.

Floral Tiles

Choosing decorative tile that comes together to create an artistic scene full of floral imagery can entirely change the energy of a room. Consider a flower-patterned tile if you wish to bring a more natural and feminine ambiance to your space. These floral tiles are gorgeous in bathrooms as an area to destress. Whether you are trying to achieve a vintage or more modern style, floral tiles suit your interests.

Art Deco Tiles

With many older trends making their way back into style, the art deco aesthetic looks at decorative tiles that can transform a space. If you like making a statement and enjoying a more modern, luxurious styled interior design, this one is for you. Sleek geometric and stylized tiles will grab the attention of those entering the room, creating visual drama. With this style, you can adopt the “more is more” mentality.

Smaller Geometric Patterns

Lastly, If you are working with limited square footage in space but want to pack a punch with decorative tiles, choose smaller geometric patterns for the floor or a small wall. This can create a more cozy and complete look for the space.

Whether you are using decorative tiles to take center stage or to complement rather than compete, thanks to the large variety of decorative tiles on the market, you have the flexibility to choose a tile that fits your needs and reflects your home style.