Backsplash Design Trends

Interior design backsplash

Just the word “trend” makes people nervous. But trendy can be chic, a  play on a  classic, or something that just plain works in your room design. As your pro guide, let me give you some assurances regarding design trends. As trends come and go, some do stand the test of time. In addition to that, the manufacturing process has significantly improved with the introduction of laserjet technology, eliminating the risk of looking tired or inexpensive. Also, please remember that you need to love your selection as you most likely will be living with it for some time.

Now let’s have some fun with backsplash tile design trends!

Metallic looks are trending now. I am referring to the glazed metallic tile, not real metal. Some are crackled, adding extra sparkle to your design. With the addition of  LED  under cabinet lighting, they will be the jewel of your kitchen! And let’s face it, who gets tired of looking at jewels? There are multiple layouts that you can utilize to give your design its unique style. As always, you must honor the style of your home as well as the cabinet selection and countertops. It sounds like a lot, but we will guide you in the proper direction with our design expertise.

Subway-style tiles have been trending for a very long time, but let’s bring them into today’s products and design options. The large-format subways are coming on strong. They come in a myriad of colors, from saturated to muted colors. My favorite subways are the polished finish with an undulating face. These provide an exquisite textural quality, which is an element I love incorporating into my design. The layout can also be played with when the subways are horizontal! or vertically straight stacked. They give a space a more contemporary flare. Another layout that is unique and beautiful is a herringbone pattern. This tile style works great for shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, and fireplace fronts. With correct material, it can also make for an impressive floor. In a future article, I will cover the different material compositions and their appropriate applications. Also, imagine porcelain brick set in a herringbone on an outdoor patio. Exquisite for sure! 

The final trend I will entice you with is patterned tiles. The sky’s the limit with the color and design choices. Let’s dig in! Patterned tiles can go from Modern Home design applications to Farmhouse Rustic or even Rustic Chic. Now, please don’t go all Joanna Gaines on me here. I’m focusing on what suits your design needs.  These are very effective as a feature over a cooktop. They also can be used as a rug inset in a  bathroom or a wall feature behind a bed. Remember earlier, and I did say the sky’s the limit! As always, take into consideration your home’s overall look. 

For kitchen backsplashes, always take the tile from the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinets. This is a far more custom look than a 4″ backsplash. If there are no uppers, take the tile up the wall and attach some floating shelves or display storage. They look nice if they are staggered in different sizes. 

Taking the tile up the vanity wall with a  mirror set on top is dramatic and beautiful for bathroom backsplashes. Again, very custom looking.

Have fun with your selection process. Always take a sample to your home to see in your lighting; this is critical. If you are really stuck, pay the design fee to have a designer from the tile store come out and help you with your final selections. Speaking of design professionals, make sure they are a good fit and get the references if needed. Also, make sure that the maintenance of your selection fits within your needs. We can advise you on this as well. Now it’s time to go and get your creative on. Have fun! If you need some help planning your next design, feel free to get in touch with Ceramic Tile Center and Stonework and Design and let us guide you to beauty¬†

Jamie Laughton Owner / Designer Ceramic Tile Center Stonework and Design